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    Discover the ideas, strategies and business growth systems that I've taught to my billionaire-level private coaching clients over the past 10+ years as well as to companies like Starbucks, The Coca-Cola Company, Nike & FedEx.


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Robin has heard all of your requests from across the globe and so - we are excited to announce The Remarkable Entrepreneur SuperConference™ 2.


On June 2 + 3, 2012, Robin will deliver his second live event exclusively designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve explosive business growth while creating the personal lives of their dreams. This rare 2 day training event with one of the world's top business-building experts will take place in beautiful Toronto, Canada. Robin has distilled the ideas, strategies and business growth systems he's taught to his billionaire-level private coaching clients over the past 10+ years (who regularly pay well over $100,000 to learn what you'll learn at The Remarkable Entrepreneur SuperConference™ 2) as well as to companies like Starbucks, The Coca-Cola Company, Nike and FedEx, into one of the best business building conferences you'll ever experience. Last year's event brought together entrepreneurs from over 45 nations, and as you will see from the testimonials below, attendees were universally blown away by the hard-hitting tactics, lessons and insights that they and their teams walked away with to make quantum leaps in their business and the quality of their lives.



"It's taken me years of not only teaching entrepreneurs but learning how they think, create, work and build great companies to put together The Remarkable Entrepreneur SuperConference™ 2. Given how many entrepreneurs and small business owners are working harder than ever before yet making less profits and facing more challenges, I felt the need to offer this hard-hitting program right now. And given the predictions of an outright economic depression in the not too distant future, I wanted to share this program with entrepreneurs to bullet-proof them from the circumstances that are coming. The Remarkable Entrepreneur SuperConference™ 2 will show you how to build a far more profitable business - while you actually take more time off to enjoy your life. You deserve to experience this special event. I look forward to seeing you there."

Robin Sharma, Business Advisor to Celebrity Entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 Companies and the #1 Bestselling Author of The Leader Who Had No Title (Simon & Schuster)


Here's What Past Participants Said About Last Year's SuperConference



"Excellent content and BRILLIANT tools to improve my daily performance and the performance of my business."

Joe Keenan, Ireland


"The value far outweighed the cost of the event.

Fantastic content. Fabulous delivery."

Shayna Nackoney, Canada


"Content was Exceptional ++++. I am going to triple my net worth."

Chirag Shah, USA


"I didn't believe Robin when he said at the beginning that he would deliver 10X the value (of what I paid). He absolutely did!"

Mark Hanf, USA


"I have been through 15 years of schooling and what I learned in these 3 days is the most valuable information by far."

Britney Reinkensmeyer, USA


Robin's private coaching clients pay well over $100,000 for the information, tools and systems you'll learn at The Remarkable Entrepreneur SuperConference™ 2. You will learn how the super-rich think, their productivity practices, and the unique things they do to build successful companies. You'll also learn exactly why they take so much time for vacation and their secrets to get the stunning results that they do.



You'll Also Discover:


  • How to double your income within 18 months of the event while working less than you've ever worked
  • The 21 productivity tactics that the world's most successful entrepreneurs use
  • How great but small companies build great teams and winning cultures
  • The 17 wealth habits of the super-rich
  • Cutting edge insights from neuroscience and the emerging field of exceptional performance to create explosive energy for you while unleashing your creative and productive potential
  • 11 ways to train your brain to be a "fortress of positive focus" so you stay inspired and at your best in good as well as difficult times
  • The little known (and somewhat eccentric yet remarkably powerful) personal habits of leaders like Churchill, Richard Branson, Rockefeller, Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Edison for getting things done
  • How to use social media to build a global brand and international customer base of fanatical followers who spread the word about what you sell
  • Why a day off each week and a vacation every 6 weeks can actually help you become more financially and personally successful than ever before in your career
  • The awesome value of philanthropy and becoming a social entrepreneur who not only makes world-class products but makes a world-class impact on the world around you

Ok. These are just a few of the things you'll learn at The SuperConference. Last year's attendees are achieving quantum results - and so can you. You can't afford to miss this event.


Take Your Business To The Next Level In 2012



"By any standard I am deeply delighted with Robin's coaching. He has changed my life and given me the tools to build a billion-dollar business."

Tim Ciasulli, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Winner



Who Should NOT Attend This Event


  • Those who are content with the current profit levels of their business and not interested in playing at their entrepreneurial absolute best
  • Those who don't want to multiply their creativity and productivity while they take their income to all-new levels over the coming 12 months
  • Those who are resistant about new ideas - especially ones that are not known to most business-people and truly uncommon
  • Those who are content with the status quo and the way things are


While this event is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners ready to make some real breakthroughs in the way they think, work and live, The Remarkable Entrepreneur SuperConference™ 2 is also for people + teams at companies who want to develop a more entrepreneurial mindset so they work faster and smarter in these wildly competitive times.



"I retained Robin Sharma based on his reputation as one of the top 2 or 3 business coaches in the world. He has wowed me with the exceptional business and personal results he has helped me achieve in just a few months. My life has transformed thanks to his coaching."

Iman Mutlaq, One of the Top .ooo1% Investment Bankers in the World




The SuperConference is sure to sell out. You get a seat for an awesome price. You'll get fantastically inspired, meet other peak entrepreneurs, have a brilliant two days with Robin and walk away with tools that will not only grow your profits but help you live the life of your dreams.


See you in Toronto!








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